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What is Onewheel?

It is an electric "skate" type skateboard, it is a mix between a surfboard and a snowboard, with the particularity that it does not need snow or water to function, it is a totally new and revolutionary experience.
Designed for an audience seeking exclusive experiences. I don't know
How does it work?
It works with balance, and is powered by Segway gyro technology with sophisticated sensors that will make movement magical. It only has a moving part, and tilting the body to the sides will allow you to accelerate or brake, designed to dominate it in a few minutes.
What sensations does it offer?
In the great moment of trying it, you will feel the sensation of floating on the pavement, in the first moments it may seem difficult, but in a short time one will feel more secure and gradually end up feeling like Marti Mcfly in Back to the future 2 !!
It is not a hoverboard.

After 6 years of experience with personal mobility devices, I can say that the Onewheel is the most authentic skateboard there is, it has been designed to imitate a surfboard catching a wave, in addition to carrying quality lithium batteries, it has a enough power to reach 20km / h, just like the famous Segway !! Aside from the quality standards that make it very rigid, well manufactured and shock resistant, it is clear that it is not an oriental product.
Who can use it?
The manufacturer's recommendations are:
Maximum weight 110 Kg, minimum age of 13 years and having a good state of health.
These recommendations are indicative since the manufacturers want to be cured in health, from our experience 10-year-old children have tried it and it has worked well for them, we even have references for younger children.
Wear flat-soled shoes so that the sensors detect you well, especially in young children.
We supply helmet.
Be prepared to fall! Skate culture is like that.
Onewheel activity:
The activity is enjoyed in our facilities, we have a platform for initial training and a closed circuit on land type boardercros for those who dare.
We have 3 rates:
10 minutes: € 10
25 minutes: € 19
45 minutes: € 29


 ·  Segway:

from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 16:00 to 20:00, departures every 30 minutes

 ·  Mini-Golf:

from 10:00 to 20:30 every day in summer


Telefono: +34 696447761
WhatsApp: +34 696447761